The Iranian film festival in Utrecht

It was so impressive to see how Iranian as a small group in the Netherlands/>/> can make such an activity.

It was 13:30 I arrived there, I tried to recognize Iranian between big groups, but it was so funny I saw much Dutch people who were interested in Iranian movies, all of the salon were full and most of the tickets were sold.

The guiders were Iranian, I really felt proud to see them with so much confident ,The director of this organization was an Iranian girl, she is 26 years old, I can say she was like a fire of passion. You know when I see such successful Iranian, I feel really proud and happy.

I saw three movies there and also one  Iranian music band, it was mix of jazz and traditional music of Iran/>/>, it was so nice.

One of the movies was "Friday Afternoon'', it was a strong and impressive film. It  showed how the tradition is like a barrier to develop yourself. The main role was a girl that escaped from her village and her house to Tehran/>/>. She got arrested and she came back from jail with a child to home, but her father didn’t accept her, she became anonymous in Tehran/>/> so she could find her way.

It was such an emotional film but it showed we torture more of tradition than our politics;Always we make the government guilty for women rights and other crisis in our country, although it is something we can do ourselves. I think this development should happen from individuals (micro scale) and after that it can have effect in society and politics (macro scale) .

 I was always asked about my country in the office where I work. The old generation knows more about Iran/> before revolution but new the generation compares Iran/>/> with Arab countries.

 When I explain about Iran/>, it is really a new image for them, they can’t imagine correctly about that, I always felt so sorry that I had to explain much about my country and that they have such a wrong image about Iran/>/>.

 After this festival, my mind got changed, the image they have maybe is not completely correct, maybe it comes just from political situation of Iran, it is not all what you can experience in Iran; but now I can say it is really an image of a big part of Iran .

 Always after explanation about my country, the discussion always ended with the question why the people of my country chose for this regime or why they chose for this president. I hear it this week more after the interview with the president of Iran/>/>, after his foolish speech. When I watched his interview, I doubted if he can even write his name correctly, with this speech that we don’t have any homosexual, we have free country for women,…

 It was shameful but it really shows we chose for him, it shows a big part of Iran/>/> chose him.

So the image that people have about Iran/>, it is a real image….we can’t count of this small intelligent group to prove what Iran/>/> is .

Before I thought I can’t do anything for this land , but now I feel with little individual development can we change this country. This  individual development can be extended to  our family, neighbors, friends and in big scale our society.

 When I look back to my family, I see how they developed themselves, how this traditional family got open, how we as new generation could bring so much change and how we broke the prejudice and  the tradition which closed our attitude.


I believe we can do something .


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سلام.مبارکه مامان جديد.خوشحالم که نوشته هاتو می خوانم

خانم شين

طاهره عزيزم وبلاگ نو مبارک... خيلی خوشحالم که می نويسی... لينکت کردم. از ني نی هم بنويس... از اينکه دختره يا پسر و اينکه چه اسمهايی می خوای بذاری.


مرسی مانا و شيدا جونم. راستش شماها بس که خوب مي نويسين که من جرات نمی کنم از نی نی بنويسم. اما شايد نشه که ننوشت.

مینای شهر خاموش

شما چقدر راحت بر اساس یک فیلم در مورد کشورت قضاوت می کنی... پس دیگه این خارجیها باید از تو فرار کنند... ببین چقدر تحملشون زیاده که این همه فیلم دیدند و به روشون نمیارن!!