This strange Dutch people   

It is really funny ,sometimes I get confused about this Dutch people, sometimes I can’t understand them.

In general they are so rational and efficient and they are proud of that!!!

But now when I say that  I want to know in advance if my child is boy or girl ,they look at me strange  and they ask why you want to know previously , why you don’t want to have surprise at the end.

We as Iranian , which are so spontaneous , and most of  things get planned just a few hours before we do that. We really like to know as soon as possible  if our child is girl or boy, I never saw an Iranian to wait till end of her pregnancy to know about sex of her child.

 But this strange Dutch!!!!! They planned everything in advance , maybe you can’ imagine

they plan their holidays  for years , now my neighbour know where they want to go in summer of 2008 and 2009….

Dutch  are really strange!!!!

 About two weeks later I will get informed if  I have boy or girl. I am really excited.

دوشنبه ٩ مهر ،۱۳۸٦ - Tahereh Keimanesh